Patient Testimonials for Back to Health Chiropractic Center

Here is What Our Patients are Saying About Us!

“One time on a driving vacation from South Carolina to Michigan, my back had locked up. Found Dr. Berry’s clinic in Findlay, Ohio and popped in for a visit, and walked out and felt like I could drive cross-country!!! Really knows his stuff! Wish he lived in South Carolina.”

– Jeff W., from Facebook

“Nice staff, great relaxing and revitalizing massage and then a very informative and appreciated consultation with Dr. Berry! I may just be onto something here for healthcare.

– Stan P. from Facebook

“After 4 years of problems, I was reluctant, but decided to see Dr. Berry. I had heard chiropractic adjustments meant more pain, and I didn’t want that. Dr. Berry assured me that it was painless – and so it has been! It is nice to feel like a human again. I recommend Dr. Berry to anyone.”

– Thomas R.

“Nice and friendly. Lets you know what is going on, your condition, and the treatment to expect. Would recommend Dr. Berry to anyone and everyone.”

– Kim K. 

“Dr. Berry is very knowledgeable…helpful in preventative procedures…genuinely cares about each person’s well-being, and goes above and beyond.”

– Darla H.

“Just excellent. The friendly staff and Dr. Berry make it comfortable. Very informative. Top-notch equipment. Best of all NO PAIN!”

– Dianna H.

“You all rock! Dr. Berry changed my life! My energy, immune system and overall health has been restored!”
– Mary Ann B.
“I have been coming to Back To Health for years now and I love it. The doctor is super friendly and Dr. Berry’s skill and knowledge have greatly improved my life.”
– Janet B.
“You are all kind, caring, helpful and understanding! And we have seen good results. May God bless you all.”
– Eli G.
“If I was asked about my experience @ Back To Health I would say: highly professional, very helpful, kind at all levels and appreciate the way I have been treated.”
– David P.
“My husband and I have been coming to see Dr. Berry for a lot of years now and only great things to say about Dr. Berry!”
– Sandee H.
“I get the best care, very good at what he does. Kind and caring.”
– Darlene S.
“Great place! I went in for neck pain and after doing the treatment recommended by Christoper Berry the pain is gone! Now I only go once a month.”
– Lee D.
“I am a 67 yr. old woman who fell getting out of the shower. My right shoulder hit the comode…after 4 or 5 days I still could not raise my arm and my shoulder hurt so bad I was in tears. I felt I just couldn’t take it any more…I went to see Dr. Chris Berry to see if he could help…Dr. Berry took x-rays and started treatments. It took a couple of months…I felt fully recovered. I would recommend Chiropractic care to anyone who wants to get healthy and stay healthy…”
– Jeanette W.
“Dr. Berry and his staff are the most polite people; explains everything so you can understand it and I love coming here…he makes it feel better every time.”
– Dustin C.
“Very nice, eager to help, worked me in to a tight schedule, helped to ensure all paperwork was filled out. It’s nice to have friendly people to make the first impression a good one.”
– Barbara M.
“Very friendly staff and Dr! Everyone is very professional and timely. Dr. Berry is very detailed in diagnosis and getting to the source of the problem.”
– Amy M.
“I would highly recommend Dr. Berry…honest, professional and efficient.”
– Craig F.
“Great experience…hurt my back at work and after a few sessions I was able to actually walk with very minimal pain! A++”

– Barbara H.